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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Development of the strategic plans for the University in partnership with the goal leaders of the university strategic plan and its subordinates.
  • Implementation planning for the university’s strategic plan and monitor its implementation and evaluation as well as preparation of periodic reports.
  • Participation in the development of building strategic and operational plans for the combination of the university academic and administrative mechanisms
  • Study and performance measurement associated with the indicators of the university strategic plan
  • Representing the university at government agencies and non- governmental organizations and develop a relationship with them in regard to strategic planning , studies and consulting; attend local, regional, and international conferences and symposia .
  • Participate in all the activities of the relevant committees and planning work at the university
  • Meet requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and to participate in the activities of the ministry with regard to strategic planning , studies and consultancy
  • Build relations of cooperation with local and international authorities with regard to strategic planning , studies and consultancy
  • Continues development on future studies and research on academic and administrative preparation process , including contributing to the development of strategic visions as well as update the rules and regulations and policies relating to the business center
  • Monitor and follow up the University implementation plans related to the University strategic plan and determine its progress.  
  • Participate in the preparation of the initial planning studies on the establishment of the university facilities , and prioritize according to the possibilities available , in coordination with the related competent authorities
  • Study the training needs related to strategic planning that are effective in the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the University and approved by the relevant authorities , and assigned to the implementing agencies
  • Develop relations and communicate effectively with the beneficiaries outside the university for the development of self- financial resources of the University with regard to strategic planning and future studies and consultations
  • Preparation of print media , electronic and print and visual definition of the center and its news and events and achievements and dissemination of strategic planning culture
  • Develop and update the website of the University Strategic Planning Center with all the related activities of the center including the university’s strategic plan
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