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Core Values & Beliefs

Main core values ​​: ethical standards and personal values ​​and trends that strategic planning and future studies center at the Salman Bin Abdulaziz University wants to develop, so as to enhance ability to achieve its vision and mission.

On the basis of the principles ​​of our religion and culture, we believe the following values ​​:


The Strategic Planning and future studies Center develop global standards and their application in planning , studies and consultancy , monitoring and evaluation to raise the University level or beneficiaries from outside the process , and strive to reach the highest standards through effective partnerships with consulting firms , learning and development and business development team .


Team work                               

Considering the importance of this value in the center, it always seeks to consolidate and promote the concept of teamwork, trust and respect in order to bring creativity, innovation and to achieve the best results.


Continuous Improvement

Strategic planning center is committed to support the continuous improvement process within the center and the university community. It contributes to raise the level of knowledge and practical advancement through effective planning and investigating future studies to achieve leadership role of the university.


Support & Reinforcement

In order to achieve the strategic goals of the University strategic plan, the Center directly contribute to the planning, studies and consulting for all units in the university and the related community 



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